October is for Ladies, Lovers, and Zombies!

October's crisp air isn't the only thing sending shivers down our spines at Engage Virtual Range. This month, we're launching a series of themed virtual shooting events, and trust us, you won't want to miss out!

All About the Ladies: Girl's Night on October 11th

Ladies, the spotlight is on you, and it's your moment to shine with unparalleled sharpshooting finesse! As the chilly October winds blow, there's no better time to gather your squad, from lifelong friends to work buddies and immerse yourselves in a night that promises both challenge and enjoyment. Our range isn't just about hitting targets; it's about creating memories you'll cherish for years. Fear not if you're a first-timer, feeling those newbie jitters, or just uncertain about handling a virtual firearm! Our state-of-the-art virtual shooting environment has been designed with both beginners and pros in mind. With intuitive controls, guided sessions, and friendly experts on standby, you'll find it's the ideal setting to kickstart or refine your marksmanship journey.

Girls night out in Medina

Finding Love's Bullseye: Sweetest Day Couples Competition

Isn't there something inherently thrilling about blending the art of love with the precision of sharpshooting? We firmly believe that the focus, patience, and teamwork required in shooting parallels the dedication and understanding essential in a loving relationship. That's why we're incredibly excited to present our Sweetest Day shooting competition, designed for couples who want to test their skills and strengthen their bond. And as if the joy of shared accomplishment wasn't enough, we've also stocked up on some fabulous prizes that are up for grabs! Whether you're a seasoned shooter looking to bring a romantic twist to your practice or a couple searching for a unique date experience, this competition promises an amalgamation of challenge, camaraderie, and the potential to walk away with more than just cherished memories!

Couples Sweetest Day competition

Survive the Undead: Halloween Zombie Shootout All Month

Halloween and zombies are a classic pairing! Our range is morphing into a haunted ground filled with virtual undead targets this October. Get into the spooky spirit by dressing in your eerie best, and join us for this thrilling event. The haunting atmosphere and the challenge of hitting those undead targets will provide a rush. Step into a chilling Halloween scenario where every shot ensures your survival in the ghostly world we've crafted!