Less-Than-Lethal Training: Real-World Practice for Officers

Less than lethal simulator training
Less-than-lethal training for law-enforcement

Law enforcement officers are expected to have various tactics in their toolbelt to de-escalate potentially dangerous situations. But when training is heavily focused on target practice and shooting drills, it can sometimes be challenging to find ways to practice less-than-lethal training techniques.

At an indoor virtual gun range, like Engage Virtual Range, officers can get real-world practice by engaging in shoot-don’t-shoot scenarios that encourage the use of de-escalation tactics, conflict resolution, and less-lethal training options. While gun handling, pulling from concealment, and muscle memory are essential aspects that officers can practice at an indoor virtual gun range, officers can take things one step further by practicing less-than-lethal techniques to mitigate the danger.

Less-Than-Lethal Training Scenarios and Equipment

More police departments seek ways to re-enforce and educate officers on alternative options to drawing a weapon that can’t happen at a traditional gun range. EVR’s dynamic training system goes beyond a conventional gun range to offer a unique opportunity to practice de-escalation techniques.

Since our law enforcement training is heavily focused on marksmanship and the use-of-force continuum, we added a line of realistic less-than-lethal simulated weapons to our offerings to give law enforcement officers a complete training package.

All of our less-lethal training devices are laser-based and equipped with an OEM form, which ensures the size and weight of the tools are the same used in the field.
  • The TASER X2 features intelligent software that allows trainees to use their taser to mitigate threats.
  • The OC Spray is a less-lethal device that is a replica of standard-issue OC spray devices. It includes every detail down to the angle at which the spray comes out of the can. The goal is to ensure training done at EVR will translate to the field.
  • Low light training is also easy to practice any time of day at EVR with our adjustable lighting to replicate a night-like background and simulation scenario.

Why is this important? Law enforcement officers deserve to have well-rounded situational training that translates to the real world. By practicing less-than-lethal de-escalation methods, officers can gain the confidence to employ these techniques in potentially dangerous scenarios.

Where to Find Less-Than-Lethal Training for Law Enforcement Officers

At EVR, we believe nothing outweighs the benefits of hands-on practice. We are proud to offer law enforcement professionals a safe and realistic environment to engage in life-like simulations that supplement classroom-style learning and build real-world confidence.

We encourage you to contact Engage Virtual Range to learn more about our unique capabilities to support mental health training for police officers and our other virtual training scenarios designed to cater to law enforcement needs.