Thanks for Helping us Back the Blue

Back the Blue fundraiser
2021 blue line competition and fundraiser

As you may know, on September 12th, EVR hosted its first Blue Line Competition and Appreciation Event. As part of the event, we teamed up with Bluecoats of Medina County to raise funds to support their special projects initiative and support safety personnel in our community.

To further our efforts, the local community stepped up in a BIG way to support the Bluecoats of Medina County. With the help of local businesses, residents, and key supporters, we managed to raise $10,512 for this important cause. This far exceeded any goal we had in mind! We are so grateful to everyone who contributed. Click for complete details and a list of donors.

We would also like to thank the 72 law enforcement officers who participated in the event. The day would have been nothing without the high energy and friendly competitiveness of these individuals.

While we think everyone who came was a winner just for participating, we would like to give some recognition to the day’s big winner! Wadsworth Police Department is the department that registered the winning score and is the champion of our first-ever Blue Line Competition and Appreciation Event !

The winning department walked away with some serious bragging rights as well as a customized trophy to display at their department...until next year proudly!

We can honestly say it was a very tough competition, and every team gave it their absolute best. It was so much fun to see these rivalries come to life in our virtual gun range. We are honored to host these individuals at Engage Virtual Range and are already thinking of ways to up the ante for next year!

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