EVR Shooting Basics

Curious about the basics of shooting pistols or handguns? New to shooting altogether? This is where to start!

Course Description and Objectives

EVR basic pistol virtual shooting

This interactive course starts with a lecture from a trained Engage Virtual Range (EVR) course instructor who will teach up to 8 students in a classroom-style situation. The course includes a hands-on training session where students will get to participate in several simulation exercises including basic target practice and course of fire.

Course objectives are as follows:

  • To master traditional range and safety rules
  • To illustrate the parts of a pistol
  • To develop a basic knowledge of how to use a pistol
  • To practice the basics of marksmanship
  • To build confidence in the handling a pistol
  • To illustrate how a virtual gun range differs from a traditional live-fire range

At the end of the class, students should be able to properly identify the basic parts of a pistol, understand how to aim and control the trigger, and walk away with a working knowledge of the benefits of using a virtual gun range.

We welcome students ages 12+ to attend this class.

IMPORTANT: There is absolutely NO live firearms or ammunition at our facility. All instruction and class participation is done using realistic sim guns.