Mantis X3 Training Device and App

Price: $189.00

The Mantis X3 is an essential training device for simulated and live fire. At EVR, the Mantis X3 bridges the gap between your simulated training and what you do on a flat range.

The Mantis X3 mounts to standard universal accessory rails. The key features of the second generation hardware include:

  • 40% smaller
  • 50% lighter
  • 3x the battery life
  • 4x the data rate 
  • Quick detach system

Collecting thousands of data points per second, the X3 analyzes your shooting in real-time.  For both pistols and rifles, the X3 works with dry fire, live fire, airsoft/CO2, and simulated firearm systems.

Dimensions: 1.3" x 1" x 0.75" LxWxH