We are OPEN by reservation! Learn how we are taking your safety seriously

Instructor Open House - Feb 6th

Instructor Open House

Join us on February 6th, anytime between 6-9 PM, for our FREE Instructor Open House.

This one-day event is our chance to show you firsthand what all the buzz is about. It’s your opportunity to test our technology and see how it could be an asset to your CCW, firearm and self-defense students.

Event details:

  • Learn how EVR can be an extension of the training you offer
  • Learn about our affiliate program
  • Meet the owners Cal and Chad
  • Enjoy complimentary food and beverages
  • AND get a $25 off a return visit at a future date

EVR is designed to be a safe and judgment-free environment for shooters of all skill levels to practice proper gun handling, master stance and positioning, and build overall confidence in their abilities. Through realistic judgmental training scenarios, skill-building exercises, and fun competition-based scenarios, EVR has something for everyone.

Find out how EVR can become a partner with your business to help create smart, confident and experienced gun owners.

No reservation required. Feel free to drop in at any point throughout the event on February 6th and see what EVR has to offer!